As you’ve probably heard, there were two shootings near our community office in North Park Hill this weekend, and a police officer – a young, devoted single mother – lost her life at City Park Jazz last night.

We know the officer who died served in District 2, stationed out of the office just blocks from our community office in Park Hill. She normally worked the morning shift from 6am-4pm, and that shift is back on the streets right now despite losing one of their own. To show our support, we’re going to gather today at the Denver Police District 2 office and thank all the men and women who worked with her when they come home from their shift.

What: Say Thank You to the Officers of Denver Police District 2
When: Today at 3:15 PM
Where: DPD District 2 Office – 3921 Holly Street

There will be lots more to do in the days to come – we will be asking you to attend services and help support her family and to make a long-term commitment to peace in Denver, but today we just wanted the community to come and say thank you. Bring food, flowers, cards, hugs, bring your kids and neighbors, just to let them know how grateful we are for what they do.