As word spreads about Colorado’s groundbreaking school finance reforms, the conversation across the state — and the nation — has been almost uniformly positive.

Here is a sampling of what education experts, journalists, parents and school officials are saying about Senate Bill 213 and how it will change public education for the better:

“(Weld) Superintendent Ranelle Lang said the extra money would be used to create a longer school year for students at risk of not graduating, more early intervention with at-risk students at all grade levels, more ELL-certified teachers and more counselors in elementary schools…” – Greeley Tribune (subscription required)
Colorado is leading the nation in school-finance reform and is making significant steps toward greater school-funding equity while at the same time making targeted investments in essential education areas such as preschool, full-day kindergarten, and teachers and leaders. Colorado is showing that systematic reform can be done, and is a model for how to accomplish this much-needed change.” – Center for American Progress
“(Mike) Johnston is not easily dismissed as a meddler who has never seen the inside of a classroom. His teaching career began in the Mississippi Delta. He has a master’s degree in education. He was a principal at two alternative high schools and co-founded a high school that made state history when it became the first in Colorado to send 100 percent of its seniors to four-year colleges. Listen to Johnston…” – Seattle Times