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Citizens Cabinet

Cabinet Overview and Objectives

When Mike was first elected to the Senate, he installed a first-of-its-kind constituent leadership system that engaged community members from across the district in Citizens Policy Committees (CPCs) and Neighborhood Outreach Committees (NOCs). Over the last few years, hundreds of constituents have been involved in these committees, and this structure has been replicated by legislators across the state. Leaders of these committees have given us feedback on how we can build on their success and streamline their work now that we have more staff support to help with research and resources. As a result, we are now combining the CPCs and NOCs to form a unified Citizens Cabinet (CC). This body will help shape policy for the 2016 legislative session and ensure that Mike gets strong and ongoing feedback from each neighborhood in the district.


Cabinet Structure

The Cabinet includes one outreach committee and seven policy committees: Health Care, Education, Economic Development, Transportation, Judiciary, GLBT Rights, and Energy.

The Outreach Committee will include members from the communities of Montbello, Gateway, Green Valley Ranch, Stapleton, City Park/East Colfax, and South Park Hill/Hale/Montclair and will focus on the following tasks:

  • Identifying local people, organizations, and events Mike should engage
  • Hosting and holding meetings to gather public input and/or informational events within the community (e.g., “What’s on Tap” and “Coffee with Your Senator”)
  • Providing Legislative Director with a calendar of special events in the community
  • Building contact information lists of constituents within the district and input information in database

Each of the seven policy committees will be tasked with:

  • Suggesting policy ideas for future legislation
  • Providing feedback on policy proposals from Mike and his staff
  • Providing real-time feedback during the session on important House and Senate bills
  • Attending four meetings per year (one each in October, January, March, May) with Sen. Johnston and his staff and advising Sen. Johnston during session

Each Policy Committee will be composed of one Chair, one Vice-Chair, and Cabinet Members. Roles and responsibilities for committee members are as follows:


  • Schedules and chairs issue meetings
  • Serves as delegate to quarterly executive Cabinet meetings with Mike
  • Recruits new community advocates or solicits expert advice as needed
  • Reports monthly to the Legislative Director to keep her apprised of the committee’s progress
  • Serves as a surrogate speaker for Mike at community events


  • Records issue committee meeting minutes
  • Serves to lead or schedule committee meetings if the chair is absent

Community Advocates:

  • Attend committee meetings
  • Offer feedback on policy proposals from Mike and his staff
  • Coordinate pre-approved town halls on policy issues affecting the district
  • Gather contact information lists and present to the committee Outreach Director


How to Get Involved

To get involved on the Citizens’ Cabinet, please contact Kojo Asamoa-Caesar, Director of Outreach and Operations, at