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New Schools Could Rise Again— Chalkbeat Colorado writes about the potential to restart new school construction through a joint effort with Senators Johnston and Kerr.

Q&A State Sen. (and Former Principal) Mike Johnston— The 74 sat down with Mike to talk about his Educator Effectiveness Legislation, Education in Colorado and what’s next for our state.

Notable mentions

Sen. Mike Johnston: White America Should Show Love to Black Churches — When Mike drove to Shorter AME Church in the middle of the night to leave a note for Pastor Taylor, the Denver Post shared his message of love and support.

Why You Should Care About Mike Johnston — OZY profiles Mike’s efforts to reshape America’s schools through his consensus-building reform efforts in Colorado.

The Best Speech About Education — Ever — On Oct. 30, 2012, Forbes Magazine writer Nick Morgan wrote about Senator Johnston’s speech to the Connecticut Annual Benefit Dinner for Teach for America: “I had tears in my eyes by the end of the speech, and you will too.”

Mike named on TIME’s 40 under 40 — In 2012, TIME Magazine named Senator Mike Johnston on it’s annual 40 under 40: “A former high school principal who advised Barack Obama on education policy, Johnston, 35, of Colorado, sees poor test scores and dropout rates as nothing short of a civil rights issue.”

2013 Legislative Session Follow up — On Feb. 1, 2013, Greater Park Hill Newspaper sat down for an interview with Sen. Johnston about the 2013 legislative session. They discussed the goals behind his 4 major bills this session.

A+ Denver names Mike Johnston as a “Game Changer” — In February 2013, A+ Denver called Mike a game-changer in policy “for proving that you can be education reform legislators, be pro-teacher and rise to leadership positions in the legislature.”


The end of false choices on schools — In the Nov. 8, 2009, edition of the Denver Post, Senator Johnston wrote: “What matters is not whether a kid goes to a charter school or a district school or a magnet school; what matters is they go to a good school. What matters is not whether a child has a union teacher or a non-union teacher; what matters is that every child has an effective teacher.”

Gov. Hickenlooper & Sen. Johnston: Revamp teacher licensing in Colorado — In May 2013, Mike and Governor Hickenlooper co-wrote an op-ed in the Denver Post urging reform of the state’s teacher licensing system.

School Finance Reform

School finance reform needed  — In the Jan. 10, 2013 edition of the Valley Courier, Sen. Mike Johnston visited with the Superintendent Advisory Council (SAC) to share his vision for improving education statewide: “What will it take for us to build a 21st century system?” Johnston asked. “We are in the process of finding a solution.”

Equity for Colorado school funding — On Feb. 23, 2013 the Denver Post Editorial Board officially endorsed Sen. Johnston’s school finance reform bill. In It they called the bill “a thoughtful and serious proposal, and one that is a long time coming.”

A better way to fund student success — In the March. 21, 2013 edition of the Denver Post, Bob Deibel and Zack Neumeyer endorsed Sen. Johnston’s bill to modernize the Colorado school finance system. In it they said, “This proposal, the first major overhaul to the School Finance Act since 1994, will add fundamental principles such as transparency, accountability, and innovation into the school funding system and direct more money to schools with the greatest needs.” Both are board members of Colorado Succeeds, a non-partisan coalition of business leaders working to improve the state’s education system.

Colorado ASSET

Tuition bill picks up steam — In the Jan. 24, 2013 edition of the Durango Herald, Opposition all but melted away Thursday to a bill that gives in-state college tuition rates to undocumented children. Sen. Mike Johnston is a prime sponsor of the landmark bill.

Denver Post endorses Colorado ASSET — In the March. 8, 2013 edition of the Denver Post, the DP’s editorial board endorsed Senator Johnston’s Colorado ASSET bill. In it, they called the measure “welcome,” “overdue” and “a step in the right direction.”